Understanding Whiplash


If you were recently involved in an automobile accident, you are probably experiencing some physical and emotional distress. Certain injuries, for example, can lead to not only pain, but also emotional distress that follows you throughout life. Although common, whiplash is one injury that most people do not truly understand. This guide will help you understand the causes, signs, and treatment options if you have experienced whiplash after an accident.

Causes and Signs

During an accident, the force of hitting another car or other object causes the head and neck to move forward and backward rapidly. This force places excess strain on the ligaments of the neck and the spine.

The result of this force and strain on the neck and spine can cause pain that lasts for a long period of time. Known as whiplash or a neck sprain, knowing the signs of the condition is key for efficient and effective treatment.

Signs of whiplash may not be noticeable immediately after the accident. In some cases, the signs may show up within 24 hours after the accident.

Most commonly, whiplash causes pain and stiffness in the neck, difficulty moving the neck, and headaches. Numbness and tingling of the arms are also common signs of whiplash.


Even if you feel okay after the accident, you should still be evaluated by a doctor to determine if you have any severe injuries.

If you start experiencing pain and stiffness in the neck, consult a doctor an additional time. Your doctor will recommend keeping your neck mobile, which will reduce the risk of stiffness setting in for long periods. Slow movements of the neck will reduce inflammation and stiffness in a safe manner.

The symptoms of whiplash will decrease slowly over time. However, chiropractic care can help manage the pain safely.

Chiropractors may suggest a variety of treatments to increase blood circulation through the body and neck, which reduces the inflammation and pain associated with the whiplash.

In some cases, a spinal realignment will be used to realign the spine with the head and neck, alleviating pressure and tension of the strained neck ligaments. Chiropractic care may also involve massage therapy, which also reduces pain and any emotional distress you may be experiencing because of the accident and injury.

With proper understanding and an efficient diagnosis, you can live through the pain and emotional distress of whiplash. This guide will teach you the causes, signs, and how auto accident treatment professionals can help. 


22 February 2019

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