3 Sets Of Exercises You Can Do To Treat Computer-Related Neck Pain


Leaning over a computer screen all day while working and writing can cause the muscles in your upper back and neck to become sore. The problem is that many people tend to lean their heads in a forward position as they type and read things on the computer screen. Leaning your head forward causes the weight of your head to put extra pressure on your neck muscles to keep it balanced against the forces of gravity. This can eventually lead to back, shoulder, and neck pain. Stretching exercises can help relieve the pain. Here are 3 exercises you can do to help relieve the strain on your neck muscles when they start to feel sore. 

Neck Tilts

Sit straight up in a chair with your head positioned directly over your shoulders. Drop your head so your lower jaw rests against your chest and tense up your neck muscles for a few seconds. Raise your head back up into the upright position and relax. Then lower your head again and tense your muscles some more. Repeat this process at least five or six times.

You should also tilt your head from the side after you do the forward head tilts. Lower the bottom of your ear to your shoulder on one side of your body. Tense up your neck muscles again and hold this pose for a few seconds. Raise your head back up straight over your shoulders and relax for a moment.

Then tilt your head over the other shoulder and tense the muscles. Reposition your head over your shoulders and relax. Repeat this process at least four or five times.

Neck Turns

Sit straight up and keep your chin positioned parallel to the floor. Turn your head to the left and tense your neck muscles. Then turn your head to the right and tense your neck muscles again. Repeat this process a few times in each direction.

Neck Stretches

Sit straight up in your chair with the bottom of your chin parallel to the ground. Push your chin out forward to force your neck to slide forward out over your chest and tense your neck muscles. Then force your neck backward until your head is slightly moved back over the top of your shoulder blades and tense your neck muscles. Repeat this process a few times.

You should perform these exercises at various points throughout the day to keep your neck and shoulder muscles from becoming too sore while working on a computer. 


18 January 2016

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